Chelsea Vincent


26, barre, yoga, and spin instructor, Sherman Oaks, CA

Fitness philosophy: You have to constantly be willing to get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow. I tell my clients to try new workouts, ask questions, and surround themselves with people who will inspire and motivate them to do something besides what they are used to. Change is where results live.
Pushups before exhaustion: 55
Hidden talent: Whistling
Favorite post-workout snack: Raw chocolate pudding
Working out with your guy: Men and women often think that the different fitness modalities are gender-tailored, or that functional training is great for men and barre is great for women. My man and I continue to learn new moves and ways of working the human body through checking out the other’s workout from time to time.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Totally a turn-on. Sweat tells me that someone is invested in his or her health enough to stop worrying about the visual.
Relationship status: In a relationship
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