Jenny Luis


30, personal trainer, Kendall Park, NJ

Fitness philosophy: Helping turn my clients’ lifestyles into the lifestyles that they choose for themselves. I don’t necessarily train for the “hot body” but for the safer and smarter-working body that’s more functional for everyday living.
Best race time: 2:15 Tough Mudder
Biggest gym pet peeve: Members not being aware of other members working out
Working out with your guy: I do like working out with my boyfriend, but there are times I enjoy him not being there because then I can sweat as much as I want, not brush my hair if I don’t feel like it, and do my workout without being bothered. But it’s nice having him there at the end for a kiss.
Sweat: turn-on or turn-off: Huge turn-on!
Celebrity crush: Taylor Kitsch
Relationship status: In a relationship
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