Rog Law


26, writer and strength coach, Shrewsbury, Mass.

Fitness philosophy: Make diet and exercise fun, exciting, and sustainable above all else. Your goals are unique to you, so you may as well enjoy the journey towards reaching them.
Longest static plank: 1 minute. I smelled steak cooking and forfeited to go investigate.
Power song: “On The Eve Of War” by Jedi Mind Tricks
Relationship status: Single
Celebrity crush: Stacey Dash
Hidden talent: The ability to eat four Cinnabons in a row while remaining a productive member of society and not falling into a food coma
Night club or dive bar? Night club. It’s the only place capable of handling my trademark Tornado dance.
Ski slopes or sandy beach? Sandy beach because the likelihood of puppies being there is quite high. And puppies are awesome.
Favorite chick flick: Romeo and Juliet
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